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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unemployment and Job-creation projects currently run in your country

Unemployment, especially among young people, is a serious problem in many countries today. What can be done about it? What do you think about job-creation projects currently run in Vietnam?

Leaders off all countries in the world are confronting a serious problem – unemployment. Unemployment leads to social degeneration. In less developed countries, unemployment becomes increasingly crucial. In Vietnam, our government are trying to solve unemployment which has increased in recent years. The following measures have been applied.

Young jobless people from 18-35 are taught certain careers suitable to their ability and their liking.

People whose knowledge is weak are sent to evening continuation classes.

After learning a career, they will be introduced to some companies in the city. Up till now a number of unemployed people have been able to get jobs.

Moreover a great number of young people were sent abroad to learn different careers. After the course, they will return to their country and will be qualified for some jobs offered to them.

The job-creation projects currently run in Vietnam can, to some extent, reduce unemployment, however, there are still lots of young people who are out of work and have to make a rather precarious living and therefore social evils cannot be avoidable “Idleness is the mother of all vices”.

To reduce unemployment in our country, the government should pay close attention to the following matters:

- For young people weak at knowledge: Open more career schools or encourage them to move to new economic zones where conditions of living should be favorable to them from the outset.
- The training plan should be effective from the beginning to the end, that is to say, each student, upon graduating, must have a post.
- The training program should be planned to the letter, not on a large scale but to an extent previously scheduled.
- The vocational training program should be introduced in the High School curriculum. The pupils should be taught knowledge and skills at the same time so that after leaving school they are able to find a job suited to their ability and capacity.
- Young engineers, doctors, scientists, specialists, teachers should be given preferential conditions to find jobs from any government offices or be introduced to foreign companies in Vietnam.
- Excellent students should be granted scholarship.

I hope that once these proper measures are strictly applied, the number of unemployment people will probably diminish and that the government will no longer worry about social evils which destroy human dignity.

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