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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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Essay on importance of rivers
Obviously men have recognized that rivers have been always important to men in every part of the world ever since very early times. There is no doubt about the importance of rivers or water.

Advantages and disadvantages of cinema
Cinema may be found in almost every town. The cinema brings people entertainment after hard-working day. Few people do not like to go to the cinema to reduce stress. To some extent, they can acquire more or less advantages and disadvantages of cinema.

Essay on rainy season
The rainy season is quite important. The rainy season can bring many benefits to farmers in particular and everyone in general. Rains supply water for crops and for daily need of individuals in every society.

Advantages and disadvantages effect of cinema on youth
You can find the text by clicking the link above.

Advantages and disadvantages of seeing cinema

Impotance reading newspaper
Everybody may know clearly why they read newspaper everyday - For latest information of their country and of the world.

Boys like ware girls dress
Nowadays we easily see that girls dress like boys and young guys look like ladies. What do you think about this way of dressing of today people?

Beach dress for boys
Boys dress like girls and girls like boys in today society.

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Importance of reading newspaper
Every morning, after getting up early and having breakfast, I read newspapers. It is a habit. More than that, it is because reading newspapers is a very important activity.

Tìm những bài viết luận tiếng anh mẫu english essay
Tìm những bài viết luận tiếng anh mẫu english essay