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Saturday, July 5, 2008

What should the youth do on the move of society today

What should the youth do on the move of society today? Discuss.

In the old days youth played a secondary role in the society. They never assumed any responsibility. The elders played all the important roles and the youth was made legally responsible only after they attained the age of twenty one. In many matters, the decision of the elders was final.

Now time has changed things. The youth appear to be revolting throughout the world. The youth used to follow the occupation of the parent; they were subservient and had to learn from the elders. However, with the spread of education and diversification of jobs and the facility in travel which takes people away, family ties get slackened.

When the youth are living with their parents under the same roof, they are sharing the joys and sorrows with the others in the family. Once the youth get away from home they are not much attached to the home.

The youth today succumbs to various influences. In those days it was the home and the school that influenced the youth. Now there are forces like the newspapers, the radio and the television, the magazines, the cinema and the politicians. The youth rarely have any firm ideas. They sway between extremes, for example, religious fanaticism or various political ideologies.

The formal discipline to which their parents were subject to is an anathema to the youth. As they want more direction, they are in extreme disarray. The formal education that they get does not guarantee them any jobs. Their ambition is higher and what life and society can offer is comparatively low. While many may resign to their fate, some rise in revolt.

Youth, the cream of the society, must not be allowed to move on the path of destruction. The home and the school have a tremendous responsibility in shaping the character of the youth. The youth need people to advise them, to guide them and to show them the path of righteous, fruitful and enjoyable activities. The correct directions given to the youth can help them to be good and useful men of tomorrow.
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