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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is patriotism outmoded today?

Is patriotism outmoded today? Discuss.

Patriotism is a loyal feeling which one has about his own country. In the words of Scott when he said “this is my own, my native land”, he must have a deep and passionately loyal feeling for his country. According to this a man without this feeling dies unsung and unhonored. This feeling had kindly many former nations into actions. It has made people fight against tyrants and deposed them. It has shaken the very roots of empires. In very nation and in very language the bards have sung about the greatness of Patriotism and they have called upon Patriotism to brook no delay in throwing out the conqueror.

One must take pride in the culture and beauty of one’s own country. The rivers, mountains, hills, valleys and dales much inspire his Patriotic feeling. He must fight against the forces that tarnish the fair name of his country. Given a chance, he should encourage the art and trade of his country. He must support his country as his duty. He will never do anything that would bring down the fair name and image of his country.

One must live for his country and even be prepared to sacrifice all for the sake of his country.

Nationalism is a phenomenon mostly seen today in many countries. These people become militant and are against foreigners who had come and settled in one’s country. There may be legitimate fear warranting such action as in the case of “The White Australian Policy”. This is Patriotism laced with self-interest. This is the cause of much misunderstanding and bickering among nations.

In the present context of the world, narrow Patriotism is really outmoded. No country today, however, powerful or rich can stand alone. The world is shrinking with the coming of faster modes of communication and no country depending on one another. This interdependence cannot be overlooked. Self contained condition is only a thing of the past. So there is no meaning in narrow nationalism.

It is said to conclude that fanatic Patriotism is bad though loving one’s own country and contributing for its betterment and good ideals is a noble act.