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Monday, July 7, 2008

A switch in time saves nine

“A switch in time saves nine” Discuss this sentence.

This is an old proverb. Though the saying is old, yet its wisdom always holds good. Most of us is familiar with other proverbs like, “Time and tide wait for no man”. We must not postpone doing something for tomorrow which can possibly be done today. History has many examples of persons who, having once lost an opportunity, had no repent it throughout the rest of their lives. “Today is ours, tomorrow belongs to the enemy”.

In our own life whether private or public, we will realize sooner or later the truth of the proverb.

Let us take some good examples. The people of France were in discontent for ages. Many poor people were starving while the rich were enjoying. The peasants were forced to pay high taxes. The outcome was the French Revolution. If only the French King had had foresight and do something to satisfy the people, the Revolution could have been avoided. They are many historical examples of such great national disasters because proper action was not taken to satisfy the people.

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