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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Describe the farm you visit

Describe the farm you visit

Behind the “Rookery” stands a large well-kept farm. I am very fond of going there, and I know all its inhabitants. I am on friendly terms with them; even the watch-dog in its kennel at the gate does not bark at me.

Without looking at the cow-house or the pigeon house, the rabbit butch or the pig sty, I walk straight to the stable, where a few horses, an old mare and a young colt are kept. There is also a young pony, with a long mane, and you may imagine how pleased I was when the farmer allowed me to mount the pony. At first I did not do it very well, and one day I even rode into the poultry-yard, frightening the hens and chickens, turkeys and pea-cocks so much that for a few minutes there was a tremendous uproar; fluttering or wings, piercing skirls and busy cackle, which brought out all the farm people.

I am also very fond of loitering about the farm, in the large barn, where heaps of hay is stored for the horses and straw for the litters; and one day, with the farm-children I had an exciting game of hide and seek in the coach-house round the wagons, carts van and small wheel-barrows. It made me so hungry that at four o’clock I shared the children’s simple meal for home-made bread, baked at the farm, too. The women wake the dough, with flour, water and yeast; the men knead it, and bake the loaves in the hot oven.

I enjoy myself very much and sometimes think it would be nice to live at the farm. Everything looks so pleasant except the big dunghill that the farmer keeps right in the middle of the yard, near the dirty little pond where the ducks and duckling swim all day long.

What a lot of work! In autumn the farmer has to plough the ground. After the grain is sown, the farmer does not sleep enough, he is still very busy with mending his tools, feeding his cattle, and above all manuring the field.

In spring, with the first rays of the sun, little blades of grass begin to peep above the ground; with April showers they grow taller and taller. The fields are quite green now; soon, if the weather is fine, the ears of corn will be formed. The crops look fine, and the harvest ought to be good. He will not feel content till the reapers have cut it all down and brought it safely to the barns.
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