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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ho Chi Minh in the future

The city we are living in has been called “The Pearl of the Far East”. After the Liberation Day, Sai Gon was named Ho Chi Minh City where many years ago, Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh started his journey abroad, seeking the national salvation from the yoke of foreign invaders.

Now our government is trying to ameliorate the face of HCM city so that in the future it would be one of the most modern cities in The South East Asia, worthy to bear the name of our venerable leader.

At present, in fact, HCM city still has its disadvantageous and backward features. It is a narrow and crowded city. We have to live night and day in a suffocating atmosphere. Sometimes we feel that there is not enough fresh air for us to breathe. Almost all roads are crammed with assorted kinds of vehicles: cars, lorries, handcarts, pushcarts, wheelbarrows, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles and pedi-cabs. There have been serious traffic accidents, especially in the rush hours. Traffic jams are, therefore, inevitable. As a result, it takes the city dwellers lot of time to reach their destination and they frequently come to their destination late.

Living in such a backward and inconvenient city, all of us hope to live in a more comfortable and modern city. Realizing the city dwellers’ well-founded hope, the government has decided to have a new city redesigned totally suitable to modern style of living of the city residents.

HCM city in the future will meet all urgent needs of everybody. There will be no private houses, no private gardens and no slum areas huddled along ill-smelling canals. Blocks of spacious and modern flats, fully equipped, will be built in private areas, not far from schools and markets. Pupils will not have to cross busy streets to go to schools.

Housewives can walk to their shopping centers. Cars and motorbikes will not be necessary for them. The communication system will be upgraded and improved. Streets will not be flooded in the rainy season any more. Buying and selling on the pavements will be strictly prohibited.

Living in such a modern city we are no longer worried about traffic jams and accidents. We will be happy to live in a city of high civilization and modernity.

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