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Monday, March 2, 2009

My experience in riding a bicycle

Talk about your experience in riding a bicycle

I have a memorable experience when I was five years old. My father bought for me a medium sized learner’s bicycle, with two side wheels. I was very happy. For a year, I practiced every morning and evening. But after that I envied other boys who could ride their bicycles without the two side wheels. I wanted to be able to ride a normal bicycle. So one day, I asked my father to remove the side wheels.

At first, he hesitated, fearing I might fall and get myself injured. I was his only child. But my mother persuaded and nagged him everyday. Finally, but reluctantly he removed the side wheels for me. Initially, my father hold the seat, I had nothing to worry about. As I started to pedal, the wheels responded beautifully, I was trilled and I kept pedaling for quite a distance. Suddenly, I realized that my father was not beside me. I pressed the brakes and I fell on my side. My father started laughing and came running towards me. He helped me up and asked me to try again, I tried and slowly I gained confidence. But I was only able to move straight.

Within a week of continuous practice, I was able to pedal without help. The feeling of achievement was so immense that my heart was filled with pride and joy. In two weeks, I was able to ride my bicycle with the other boys.

I had many falls, but they were worth it. Now I can ride my bicycle well and have no fear at all. I am now eagerly looking forward to the day when I can ride my own motorcycle.
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