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Monday, March 2, 2009

An unusual incident - the ceiling collapse above the head

An unusual incident

A most unusual incident took place recently at the Times House grand hall. It was on the occasion of our thirty-fourth anniversary and we had invited a guest speaker from the Times House advisory committee to present to speech.

It was 2.30 p.m. and the huge crowd was already waiting at the huge, old and yet reputable hall. Outside, it was drizzling and this caused some uneasiness among the organizers as they have planned to have the reception out in the front lawn.

The speaker arrived on stage at 2.45 p.m. He began his speech promptly. The rain got heavier and dark, a damp patch appeared on the ceiling directly above the speaker who was then engrossed in his speech. Tiny drops of water began to fall from the patch on the ceiling. The speaker pretended to ignore this but he could not do this for long as the sudden downpour outside caused water to really fall down from the ceiling.

The speaker was drenched from head to toe. A few of the organizers rushed up onto the stage. There was confusion on the stage as people tried to persuade the speaker to come down. Before he could do so, the ceiling collapsed directly above him. The unfortunate speaker was hurt very badly and was given first aid treatment on the spot. Panic in the hall continued as the speaker was taken away.

While the commotion was continuing, a voice announced over the public address system that the meeting which was scheduled after the reception was to be cancelled.

The relevant authorities are now still in the midst of their investigations of this seemingly deliberate “accident”. Police are still waiting for more information.

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