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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A blackout - An electricity cut - A power cut

A blackout

We were all watching a humorous television program and laughing gaily. The next moment, it was pitch-dark. I was too surprised to open my mouth, but my little sister, Alice screamed shrilly.

My elder brother immediately told her to shut up. Our parents had gone for a show, so big Peter was to take charge. He felt his way into his room to get his torch. Bang!... “Ouch!” Peter must have knocked into his big chair. Soon, we saw a beam of light and Peter came out of his room, rubbing his left knee.

He told us to follow him to the kitchen to hunt for candles and matches. We rummaged through the drawers and found twelve small colored candles and a box of matches. I realized the candles were the ones used for my birthday a few days ago.

Together, we went back to the sitting-room and lit the candles. Peter arranged the candles in a semi-circle on the glass table and they gave a warm and cheerful glow.

To while away the time, Peter told us a fairytale. However, before the tale ended, the lights came on. We felt proud that we had handled the situation well and looked forward to telling our parents about it.

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