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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An exciting event

An exciting event
Notes: Reading under tree – Cool and pleasant – saw snake – frightened – told people – they came – caught it – tied it – a man gave me ten dollars – happy – no more read under tree – exciting event

One day I was reading a book under a tree. The place was cool and pleasant and I enjoyed reading the book.

All of a sudden, I saw a huge snake, a python. It was moving slowly towards me. I was frightened. I ran at once to tell some people about the snake.

Many people soon came to the place where I had seen the snake. They saw it and quickly caught it. They tied it to a long pole. It could not move.

One of the men who had caught the snake then gave me ten dollars. I was very happy indeed. I have, however, never read any books under a tree since that exciting event.

Essay topic: A monkey in my room (an exciting experience)

Notes: Monkey in my room – Excited – Wanted to catch it – Closed all the doors and windows – Called brother – Monkey hid in corner – Brother tried to catch it – Monkey bit his hand – Brother screamed – Quickly opened door – Monkey ran out – Brother went to hospital.

As I entered my room, one day, I saw a monkey inside the room. I was excited. I wanted to catch it.

I quickly closed all the doors and windows and switched on the light. Then I called my brother who came into the room at once.

The monkey hid in a corner of the room. My brother, who showed great courage, went near the monkey to catch it. The monkey then bit my brother’s hand, and brother began to scream in pain.

At once I opened the door and the monkey ran out of the room. My brother too ran out and rushed to the hospital on his bicycle, unable to bear the pain.

It was indeed an exciting experience.

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