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Friday, June 20, 2008

A narrow escape

A narrow escape

Notes: Riding bicycle down slope – Suddenly saw car from right – Frightened – Tried to brake – Brakes failed – Sure of death – Car stopped in time – Narrow escape – Thanked driver of car – No more careless riding

One evening, I was cycling down a steep slope near my house, as fast as I could. I was fond of doing so, as it gave me the feeling that I was a good cyclist.

Most unexpectedly, however, a car was coming from my right. I was frightened and tried to brake at once; but the brakes failed. I was now sure that I would be killed.

Fortunately, the motorist was not as careless as I was. The car stopped in time. I therefore escaped the jaws of death.

I then thanked the motorist for driving so carefully. The motorist, however, warned me to be careful in the future.

Since that evening, I have always been careful while cycling.

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