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Friday, June 20, 2008

A building on fire

A building on fire

Notes: Sleeping – Sudden shouts of fire – Woke up – Ran out of house – Saw building on fire – Fire – engines arrived – Heard screams inside building – At last fire put out – Some people burnt to death – Very sad.

One night my sleep was suddenly disturbed by shouts of fire. I ran out of my house to find out what had happened.

I then saw a four-storeyed building on fire. Many people were screaming inside the building, and many were rushing out of it. Two women were so desperate that they tried to jump down through the windows; but they were pulled back by others inside the building.

Soon three fire-engines arrived, and the fire men began to work immediately. They threw a lot of water on to the building with the hoses of the fire-engines.

At last, after several hours, the fire was put out. By now some people were already burnt to death. Others were in a state of shock.

Soon two ambulances arrived and took the dead and the injured to the hospital. The police too arrived shortly to do what was necessary.

I felt very sad after this incident.

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