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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why examinations are important

Why examinations are important

The outline:
1. Students’ feelings towards examination
2. Why they are important
3. Why they are interesting
4. What should be the correct feeling towards them
5. The end

Most students are afraid of examinations, but examinations are very important today. They are also very interesting.

Examinations are important because they compel students to learn. Without them most students would not learn. So they would know very little about the world. They would learn only subjects in which they are interested and ignore the other subjects which are thought to be difficult, though they are very important in the modern age.

Examinations also help us have some ideas about a person’s knowledge of certain subjects. For example, if a boy has passed the Primary Six Examination, we can at once know how much knowledge he has. Accordingly, we can have some ideas of what kind of work he can do. This is why most employers want to know what examinations a person had passed before he is given some work.

Finally, examinations are interesting because we can test how much we ourselves know. When we sit for an examination we enjoy answering what we know, though we feel sad if we are not successful in an examination.

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