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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A street quarrel I have seen

A street quarrel I have seen

Notes: Walking in street – Suddenly saw two men quarreling – Stopped – One took out knife and stabbed the other – Big crowd – Man with knife tried to run away – Some people caught him – Police arrived – Arrested man with knife – Sent wounded man to hospital

While walking along a street, one day, I came across two men quarrelling with each other. They were of the same age.

Thinking that it would be a fun to watch them quarrelling. I stopped to find out the cause of their quarrel, and to see how it would end.

Soon the quarrel became so violent that one of the men suddenly took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed the other man with it. Now a big crowd collected quickly. The man who had been stabbed was bleeding profusely.

Seeing the crowd, the man with the knife tried to run away; but some people quickly caught him.

The police soon arrived on the scene in answer to a telephone call made by someone who had seen the fight. They arrested the man who had used the knife, and sent the wounded man to the hospital.

I then returned home thinking of what I had seen.

Violent = strong
Profusely = too much
Arrested = caught.
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