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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caught in a storm

Caught in a storm

Notes: going to an island – sudden storm – Sea rough – Boat danced on waves – Frightened – Prayed for safety – Storm gone – Sea calm again – Returned to shore – Did not visit island.

One day I was going to an island in a boat to enjoy the sights of the island. Many other people were also going to the same island in the same boat.

Suddenly a storm broke out. The sea became very rough and the boat began to dance on the waves. Everyone in the boat, including me, was frightened. All of us now began to pray for our safety.

The wind was so strong that the boatman had great difficulty in controlling the boat. I now wished that I have not made trip.

Fortunately, the storm did not last very long, and in a short while, the sea was calm again.

The boat then returned to the shore instead of going to the island, for no one in the boat now had any more courage to travel by boat.

Enjoy = get pleasure from
Including = bringing in
Fortunately = luckily
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