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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The market in my town

The market in my town

The outline:
1. How big it is
2. How many people visit it
3. What happens inside
4. Ending (Conclusion)

The market in my town is large. Hundreds of people visit this market every day.

The market in my town is always alive with activity, like any other big market. Every moment buyers and sellers can be seen moving about in all directions. Sellers try to raise the prices of their goods as much as they can. Buyers, on the other hand, try to reduce the prices to save some money. Thus, much bargaining goes on between buyers and sellers. Sometimes quarrels arise from this kind of bargaining.

The presence of the large number of people in the market makes the market very noisy indeed. Voices are heard in every corner. Sometimes some vehicles bring fresh goods into market and add to the noises. Even the last painful cries of chickens and ducks put to death for man’s appetite form an important part of the noises.

However, as the market is large, almost every item of food that a person needs for his home is available. One does not have to go elsewhere in search of essential articles.

The building is new beautiful. It is a two-storey building. It therefore has a large number of stalls. Thus, it is a market worth visiting.

Activity = a lot of a work
Appetite = strong wish for food
Articles = items, things
Available = can be got
Essential = very important
Raise = make higher or more
Reduce = make less or lower
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