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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in the village

Talk about life in the village (1)

The village has always been known to be a place of peace and quiet. The scattered houses among hundreds of plants and trees indicate the lack of activities in the village.

The workers in the village leave their homes early in the morning to work in the plantations or towns near by. Some have their own plantations, and some make certain articles in their homes to sell them in the towns. A few of the villagers, including women, go out to catch fish in the streams and rivers found in the village. Though the people of the village do not usually earn much, they seem to be contented.

In the afternoon, most of the villagers are at home. Some of them take a nap after lunch, do some work in their small gardens or pay some visit to the small shops in the village. In various parts of the village, children may be found playing the popular games of the village. Occasionally, a cyclist passes by.

In the evening, the villagers meet one another. Some play cards and other types of games which are peculiar to the village. Some talk about the day’s incidents in the village, and those whose minds go beyond the village discuss world events.

In almost every village there is a headman whose duty is to settle quarrels among the villagers and maintain peace in the village. Whenever there is a dispute, the villagers go to the headman who is held in such esteem that his words have the force of law. In this way the villagers have developed their own simple laws, and the crimes of cities are almost unknown to the people of the village.

During a festival, the whole village is alive with activities. Everyone is in a happy mood and plays his part to make the festival a success. This is the time for the men, women and children of the village to wear their best clothes and the village is full of color.

These simple ways of life in the village, however, must soon change. Progress in science and education has already begun to affect the outlook of the people in the village. Hundreds are leaving the village to seek their fortunes in the towns and cities.

Essay topic: Imagine that you live in a village. Describe your village. (2)

The outline:
1. Name of village
2. How many people in it
3. What the people do
4. What things there are in it
5. How the people are
6. Ending (conclusion)

The village I live in is known as Kampung Java. It is about ten miles from a large town.

There are many people in my village. Most of them are farmers. They grow paddy in the large fields around my village. These paddy fields look very beautiful when the paddy plants are growing. The mountains in the distance and the palm trees all around, add to the beauty of these fields.

The shops in my village are very old. There are few brick buildings. Most of the shops are along the main road in the village. As the people in my village live a simple life, their needs are not many. So, many of the things found in the shops in the towns are not found in the shops in my village.

The people in my village are good. They go not like to quarrel or fight with others. Every evening they meet one another and talk about many things. If they need any help or advice, they go to the village chief. The chief is a wise man. He gives good advice and keeps the people happy.

Indeed, I like my village very much.

Essay topic: The pleasures of living in a village (3)

The outline:
1. General description of a village
2. Compared with the city
3. Advantages and disadvantages
4. The end

A village is a quiet place where the influence of the city is not felt much. It is indeed a very good place for rest and relaxation.

In a village people do not live very close to one another. Their houses are far apart. Each house therefore has a lot of space around it. So, almost every house is surrounded by flower and fruit plants and vegetables. All these make the village look green and fresh. There are also tall trees everywhere which provide shade from the sun and keep the village cool.

Some villages are surrounded by paddy-fields or mountains. There are also many streams and rivers in most villages. All these add great beauty and variety to the village scene.

The people of village are very simple in thought and behavior. They are therefore very friendly and helpful. So, the crimes of a city are almost unknown in a village. The people here work together and live in peace. Whenever they celebrate a festival, they dance and sing together and the whole village is in a gay mood.

Living among such friendly and simple people, in such a quiet place, is indeed a real pleasure.

Pleasure = feeling of being happy
Influence = effect, impact
Far apart = far away from
To provide = to give
To surround = to encircle
Paddy field = rice field
Scene = view
Festival = religious or other celebration
Gay mood = cheerful feeling


Describe a village you know well
Life in the city and the country
Life in the city

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