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Friday, June 20, 2008

A frightful experience

A frightful experience

Notes: One afternoon - Swimming in sea - Was enjoying - Many swimmers - Sudden cries - Looked back - Saw shark - shocked - Much excitement - Screams - All rushed out of water - No one attacked - No more swimming

One afternoon I was enjoying a swim in the sea together with hundreds of other swimmers.

Suddenly, I heard some frightful cries. I knew at once that some of the swimmers had seen something in the water. I looked back, and what I saw struck terror into my heart. A huge shark was coming towards the shore as if to catch one of the swimmers. However, it was still some distance away.

There was now a lot of excitement, as women and children were screaming and struggling to reach safely on land.

Fortunately, no one was attacked by the shark, for everyone had rushed out of the water in time. I too felt safe only when I reached land.

Since that day, I have never had the courage to go for a swim in the sea. It was indeed a very frightful experience.

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